An ancient spiritual practice for 21st century America

For thousands of years, the Church has gathered during the day to praise God, confess sin, and pray for themselves and others, both in community and individually. Recently, however, commitment to ancient spiritual practices has waned and prayer is considered a waste of time.

PRAYERS FOR MY CITY sets out to recapture the power of fixed-hour prayer for 21st century America by helping the Church reconnect to this ancient spiritual practice. Through this highly accessible and simple prayer format, you can engage in this historic Church practice while also praying for your community.

This prayer book isn’t just any prayer book–it’s America’s prayer book. It’s a guide to help you pray for your hometown with others in one voice, while helping you stay connected to your Creator and Redeemer throughout the day. Pray for your city while finding an oasis in the middle of the chaos of life.

Prayer Book Includes:
*Three 15-minute daily prayer sessions
*Twenty-one prayers for your city
*Liturgical prayers from The Book of Common Prayer
*Historic hymn meditations
*One-year Bible reading plans

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Print Length: 176 pages

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