Understand Your Identity in Christ

Every day we’re fed a million messages that tell us who we are.

Work says we’re slow. Society says we don’t measure up. That inner voice tells us we’re not good enough.

But who does God say you are? The One who made and saved you, the God who knows you better than you know yourself?

God Says You Are is built on the basic belief that if you knew who you really are, you wouldn’t want to be anyone else. And who you really are is who God says you are!

This book is your guide to your true identity in your Creator and Savior. It organizes all of who God says you are from the Bible in relevant topics, making it the perfect reference when you need God’s reassurance most. Short devotionals at the beginning of each topic will breath new life into how you see yourself and understand your identity.

So who does God say you are? Able and accepted, cherished and chosen, forgiven and free, known and not guilty, secure and strong, whole and wholly his.

Give one to a friend, keep a copy on your desk, because what God says about you is what ultimately matters!

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