Is Your Faith Still Relevant In Our Modern World?

Peter Daniel Young has a problem: He’s a post-evangelical twentysomething who has come back home again to study to be a pastor, but is immediately caught in the tension of his nagging conservative parents, post-Christian brother, new progressive friends, a missionary kid turned Buddhist love interest, and a Reformed seminary professor who challenges his beliefs at every turn.

More troublesome yet: He now questions the progressive faith he carefully constructed to save his Christianity, and finds himself returning to the faith he thought he left behind.

Written in the style of Brian McLaren’s award-winning A New Kind of Christian trilogy and Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, From There and Back Again is a fresh, insightful spiritual coming-of-age story for a new generation. It is the new go-to book for teenagers, young adults, and young-at-heart adults wrestling with deep spiritual questions and pressing doubts about whether the traditional faith of their childhood still connects to their modern world.

Jeremy Bouma, a former Emergent Church insider, fictionalizes his own young adult spiritual journey to help a new generation wrestle through deep questions of faith, life, and everything in between. He wrote it to be the book he wished he had and his parents had during his own crisis of faith and doubt.

Whether you are facing your own religious doubts or you know of someone who is struggling themselves, discover along with Peter what the vintage Christian faith means for him, his family and friends, his life in the Church—and for you.

Jeremy is a deep thinker; he’s courageous enough to challenge some popular evangelicals and emergents today. Yet, this is not a screed: Jeremy loves the Church and has a passion for the ostracized and he tells us in this book that grace grinding is the not the way of Jesus and it is not the gospel Jesus preached. From the foreword to “the (un)offensive gospel of Jesus”

Scot McKnight

Professor • Author

Sometimes painful, often surprisingly humorous, “From There and Back Again” is an honest, compelling read, no matter what side of the ecclesiastical fence you’re standing on. Jeremy Bouma may not convince you, but he will at least make you care.

Sherry K

Online Review

I enjoyed it immensely…as it developed I was intrigued by the message the author was revealing. The influence of others in our lives is huge; we don’t always realize those influences until later on in life. Thank you for the great read!

Todd W

Online Review

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