I originally wrote this post 6 years ago when July 4th fell on a Sunday. I think the basic message still fits despite it falling on a Friday this year:

Far too often American Christians (particularly evangelicals) are far too caught up in prostrating themselves before Empire Americana.

A few years ago I read a rather prophetic book on the subject, Teavangelicals. It chronicles the hyper-involvement of Evangelicals with the upstart Tea Party movement. It’s quite shocking and not a little scary—though perhaps I shouldn’t be considering I worked in for Empire America for 5 years and saw first hand the whorish relationship between the Church and State.

Anyway, here is a reminder for the Church that we bow before one Person and one Kingdom alone: Christ and His Kingdom.

American Jesus Tomorrow, churches all across America will incorporate the Hymns of Americana into Her worship hour. “My Country Tis of Thee,” “America The Beautiful,” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” will all be sung with as much gusto as “How Great Thou Art,” “Amazing Grace,” and “God of Wonders.”

Worship of God will be replaced by worship of America.

Rather than affirming our commitment to God and our faith in Jesus Christ by reciting the Apostles Creed, we’ll seig heil to the American Flag and renew our commitments to Empire.

Worship of God will be replaced by worship of America.

Rather than praying to our Father who art in Heaven that His Kingdom will come, His will be done on Earth as in Heaven, we’ll ask God to bless our Kingdom and the fruits of Americas labor.

Worship of God will be replaced by worship of America.

Rather than confess our collective sins as a nation, we will ask protection for our troops as we wage an unjust war and seek relief from the pump so we can return to serving Mammon with glee.

Worship of God will be replaced by worship of America.

This Sunday morning, rather than bearing prophetic witness to the values, authority and Way of God’s Reign as an eschatological community by calling on Empire America to atone for its flagrant abuse of Eikons of God through torture in the name of a pseuro-war on terror, Her mass exportation of a culture of smut, Wall Street’s mass economic exploitation of the Global Brown Man, and our collective flagrant abuse of God’s Creation, the American Church will bow before Lady Liberty once again, kissing her ring, suckling her bosom. She will split the fattened calf over The Table, burn the required incense, and break bread at basement potlucks festooned with Red, White, and Blue, thus making peace with god Americana until next July 4th…

“Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.”

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