About Jeremy’s Work


Who I am as a pastor, theologian, and author is intimately wrapped up with who the 21st century Church is and is becoming in our increasingly postmodern, post-Christian world.

There’s a story in the Hebrew Scriptures about a lost book. A very important lost book, actually.

And it lay missing. Forgotten. Forsaken. This very important lost book was the foundation to Israel’s life with God, and it was missing for two generations. Like some old photo album stuffed away in Grandma’s must old attic.

While this very important lost book lay missing, several kings ascended the throne who introduced pagan worship practices into the life of Israel. The people forsook their one true love—YHWH, the God of Israel—for fake god’s and fake stories.

Israel lost the plot to her story as much as she lost a very important book!

It wasn’t until the reign of a child king that Israel found what she had lost. During the reign of King Josiah Israel recovered the plot to her story. Literally.

One day our very important lost book was discovered during temple renovations by one of the priests. And it wasn’t until it was recovered that Israel re-discovered the plot to her story and returned to the one true God.

In many ways the same is happening in the Church. We are loosing the plot to our own story because we are forgetting and forsaking God’s Story.

I hope to change that by helping a whole new generation re-discover what has always been central to the Holy Scriptures and historic Christian faith by helping the Church re-discover the plot to God’s Story of Rescue, while also connecting that Story to the world around Her.

In 2011 I launched THEOKLESIA, a content curator dedicated to helping the Church rediscover the historic Christian faith. Jesus said that the Church is “the light of the world, a city on a hill that cannot be hidden.” My passion is to provide the resources—through books, workshops, courses, coaching, films…whatever—to help Her shine brightly in 21st century America by helping the Church connect God’s Story of Rescue to our city, while remaining theologically rooted and biblically uncompromising.

Currently, I’m working on revisions to a first draft for a New Adult novel that explores the spiritual journey of a twentysomething wrestling with the seeming disconnect between the Christian faith and our shifting postmodern world. I’m also neck deep in research for a new historical fiction/fantasy novel series on the early Church.

That’s my passion. That’s my work. And I’m honored to share it with you.


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