Scot McKnight Speaks on Pastoring Well and His Book “The Blue Parakeet”

Scot McKnight2.jpg

Prolific NT scholar and blogging stud Dr. Scot (with 1 ‘t’) McKnight spoke at chapel yesterday morning. He challenged us seminarians and future pastors to do ministry not out of our “treasure chest” of ideas and vision, but out of a cultivated heart that is passionately following Jesus and loving people in His Way.

How do we do that? Read the Bible daily; Do what it says; and Respond to the need around us.

He says it much better than I just did so download the podcast…it’s good and has some very cool material from his up coming book “The Blue Parakette: Rethinking How We Read The Bible.” It’s worth downloading just for THAT material!


ps-I also found out Scot is working on a commentary on the book of James. It will be published by Eerdmans Publishing, next year I think…

pss-the jolly fellow chuckling in the background is my friend and other blogging stud John Frye (who was sitting to my left). I love his laugh :)

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  • Peggy

    Yo, Jeremy (couldn’t resist, after hearing Scot talk about the student calling him “Yo” like it meant “Dr.”)…hehehe

    Thanks for posting this podcast. It was great to hear Scot’s voice telling his stories…what I could hear over John’s rumblings, that is…. ;^)

    I am now looking forward to both these new books of Yo. McKnight’s — The Blue Parakeet and the commentary on James. James is one of my favorite books….

    Blessings to you as you embrace the church planting track at GRTS…I grew up in Grand Rapids, daughter of a church planting minister.

  • Jeremy

    thanks peggy! We all laughed at the Yo part too. Isn’t he such agreat story teller!?

    Thanks for your comment and for your well wishes re: church planting. I’m actually beginning a relaunch of sorts w/ john in gr; we’re excited, but pray for us :)


  • Peggy

    Love all the great story tellers — and, yes, Scot is one of them!

    You and John will make a great re-launch team. I will pray for you….

  • John Frye


    Thanks for the podcast of Scot’s talk. You have to admit that Scot has a great sense of (dry) humor, thus the laugh :)

    Re-launch. Sounds like we’re a couple of NASA guys who flubbed up the first launch :)

    Just kidding.