The Old Liberal Gospel for a Postmodern Day

In The Gospel of Brian McLaren, Jeremy Bouma explains and engages the latest teachings of the grandfather of the Emergent Church movement, Brian McLaren.

As a former Emergent Church insider who left the movement after rediscovering the historic Christian faith, Bouma has dedicated his pastoral and academic work to helping people better understand the theology and teachings of the Emergent Church.

With a chapter from Reimagining the Kingdom–his book on McLaren’s theology of the Kingdom of God–and fresh content exploring McLarenʼs newest book on religious pluralism, Bouma plumbs the depths of McLarenʼs gospel with academic precision and pastoral care.

In the end, this book will help you better understand how the gospel of Brian McLaren truly is a new kind of Christianity for a multi-faith world, which is no gospel at all.

Jeremy is a deep thinker; he’s courageous enough to challenge some popular evangelicals and emergents today. ~From “the (un)offensive gospel of Jesus.”

Scot McKnight

Professor • Author

In this important guide, Jeremy Bouma explains how many who speak of the Kingdom of God do not mean what Jesus meant by it. If you are one who is attracted to the liberal gospel, this guide might just save your soul. ~From Reimagining the Kingdom

Michael Wittmer

Professor • Author

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