Emergent Theology Under the Microscope of Historical Theology

“I remember the exact date when my journey toward taking Emergent theology to task began: August 2, 2008. It was the day my church hosted the Church Basement Roadshow, an innovative book tour featuring Emergent megastars Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, and Mark Scandrette. Each of them released a new book that year that was instrumental in the ongoing Emergent effort to reimagine the Christian faith.”

So begins this short book of three essays written by Jeremy Bouma, a young post-Evangelical who journeyed into, through, and beyond the Emergent Church movement.

This series of three essays form the backbone of Bouma’s academic work. They are culled from his Master of Theology program in historical theology and will help you better understand the theology of prominent Emergent voices. Ultimately, these essays expose these thinkers for who they are: Purveyors and peddlers of recycled foreign theology other-than the historic Christian faith for a new, postmodern day.

If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy theological guide to some of the most prominent Emergent thinkers, written by a former Emergent insider who, this will book will not disappoint.

Jeremy is a deep thinker; he’s courageous enough to challenge some popular evangelicals and emergents today. ~From “the (un)offensive gospel of Jesus.”

Scot McKnight

Professor • Author

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