A Vintage Christian Manifesto of Hope: What Christian Believe and Why It Matters Today

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Look Backwards to Go Forward in Y0ur Faith

Progressive. What a fascinating word.

Recently a number of Christians have sought to progress the Christian faith. They insist we need a new kind of Christianity. After all, this is a new day, which demands new ways of answering old questions.

And yet. . .

What if this isn’t what we need? What if instead of going forward, we need to go backwards? What if instead of reimagining, we need to rediscover? What if instead the Church doesn’t need to progress, but to regress?

To go vintage?

That’s the premise of this book, that we need to look backwards to go forward in our Christian faith by rediscovering and retrieving what the Church has always believed.

Several of us over the years have recognized we need to do just that. We are not progressive on purpose. We are proud vintage Christians. Here is why.

This is our manifesto. A vintage Christian manifesto of hope.

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