A Radio Dialogue On Hell and Rob Bell’s LOVE WINS—2

A Radio Dialogue On Hell and Rob Bell’s LOVE WINS—2

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I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to be interviewed, along with a Unitarian Universalist pastor, for an interfaith dialogue public radio program called Common Threads. The interviewer, Fred Stella, did a great job moderating a discussion on Christianity, hell, salvation, and Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins. Though I’ve had some print and broadcast media interview experience on the subject, this was my first radio interview; I liked it, it was fun.

I didn’t really know what to expect, and it turned out differently than I expected. I was told it was a conversation about the varying theological positions on hell and salvation and judgment, so I was prepared for the typical questions that arise during such discussions. Those typical questions, however—i.e. exact nature of hell (ECT vs annhil.), how wide is the net for salvation (i.e. exclusive, inclusive, universal), and the fictitious person in New Guinea who hasn’t heard of Jesus—never came up. Instead there were questions about human dogma and evangelicalism. It was also hard to have a genuine interactive dialogue as the time zipped on by and Fred had a lot of questions to get in. I wish I would have been able to respond to some of what Fred Wooden had said, but alas I guess that’s the nature of the radio!

You can listen to the first interview HERE.

What did you think? Any comments on some of the questions Fred asked? On my or Fred Wooden’s responses?

Also, HERE is my original, in-depth review that’s received thousands of views and a handful of local and media interviews.